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08:33am 28/07/2005
mood: lonely
So Im leaving the state until the 12th on short notice. It'd be friggen awesome if people were to leave me comments for when i get back ^-^ i wont have access to a comp as far as I know. thanks!!!!!

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YOINK from Beth   
02:46pm 25/06/2005
mood: bored
[X] I've consumed alcohol.
[x] I've run away from home.
[X] I have lied to my parents about where I am.
[X] I listen to political music.
[X] I collect comic books.
[X] I shut others out when I'm depressed. {{{{not always}}}}
[ ] I open up to others easily.
[X] I am keeping a secret from the world maybe not be mine
[x] I watch the news.
[x] I own over 5 rap CDs
[x] I own an iPod or MP3 player
[X] I own something from Hot Topic
[X] I love Disney Movies.
[X] I am a sucker for hair/eyes
[ ] I don't kill bugs.
[X] I curse regularly.
[x] I paid for that cell phone ring.
[ ] I am a sports fanatic.
[x] I have "x"s in my screen name. ((((in a few of my many>.> not this one?))))
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] I've slipped out an "lol" in a real conversation.
[x] I love Spam.
[X] I bake well.
[X] I would wear pajamas to school.
[x] I own something from Abercrombie. ((((yeh yeh i know but it was at goodwill and fit well)))
[ ] I have a job.
[ ] I love Martha Stewart.
[ ] I am in love with love.
[x] I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS. {{agggh dont remind me. usually its only when im teasing someone ...but i too went through the l337 faze}}
[X] I am self conscious. {{usually}}
[X] I like to laugh.
[ ] I smoke a pack a day. {{packa fags, mate?}}
[ ] I loved Perks of Being a Wallflower.
[ ] I loved Go Ask Alice.
[x] I have cough drops when I'm not sick. {{{YUMMY!!!}}
[ ] I can't swallow pills. {{heh...one thing im very good at xD might not be such a good thing :-/ }}}
[ ] I eat fast food weekly.
[X] I have many scars.
[ ] I've been out of this country
[X] I believe in ghosts. {{i believe in a different form of spirit..:-/ hard to explain. ask me sometime}}}
[ ] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room.
[X] I am really ticklish. ({{when im in a good mood ill seisure}}}
[X] I've seen a therapist.
[ ] I love white chocolate.
[X] I bite my nails.
[x?] I am comfortable about being me. {{half and half}}
[X] I play computer games/video games.
[ ] I'm in an LJ/Xanga relationship
[ ] Gotten lost in my city.
[X] Saw a shooting star
[x] I Had a serious Surgery
[X] Gone out in public in your pajamas
[x] I have kissed a stranger
[x] Hugged a stranger
[x] Been in a fist fight
[ ] Been arrested
[X] Laughed and had milk/coke come out of your nose
[X] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator
[x] Made out in an elevator {{..heh...dont ask..look up about5 lines... ::blush:: }}}
[X] Swore at your parents
[X] Kicked a guy where it hurts {{he pissed me off :-/ still felt bad tho and keeled over myself xD}}
[X] Been close to love
[x] Been to a casino
[ ] Been skydiving {{{I WANT TO!!!!!!}}}
[X] Broken a bone {{a few :-x}}}
[x] Skipped school {{im so hXc..wait...no im not..skipping schools lame}}}
[x] Flashed someone {{on accident!!! ::blushes:: in school in the office too xD}}
[x] Done a split {{involves being a small child and falling on skates}}
[x] Played spin the bottle {{good times, good times ^^ }}
[X] Gotten stitches
[x] Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour {{omg that suxxored}}
[X] Bitten someone {{{i dont think it would count as a fetish...but i bite people and people bite me ALL THE TIME. >.> makes me happy }}}
[ ] Been to Niagara Falls
[X] Gotten the chicken pox {{in the hospital with a broken femur and my leg being held together by a pin. sucked ass}}}
[X] Kissed a member of the same sex {{{HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA..yeah..about that...}}
[x] Crashed into a friend's car {{{on foot}}}
[XXXXXX..wait...j/k] Been to Japan {{{{ IN MY IMAAAAAAGINATIONnn BUT I WANT TO}}}}
[X] Ridden in a taxi
[X] Shoplifted
[ ] Been fired
[ ] Ever had a crush on someone of the same sex
[X] Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back
[ ] Stole something from your job
[x] Gone on a blind date {{well it was an interesting situation..more my friend wanted me to meet her other friend and go out somewhere..she ended up ditching us so we just hung out and sat and talked and kinda cuddled (but i do that with friends anywayz) so ::shrugs:: }}}
[X] Lied to a friend
[x] Had a crush on a teacher/sub {{{{hahahahahha wow...yeah.}}}
[ ] Celebrated mardi gras in New Orleans
[ ] Been to Europe {{{{WANT TO!}}}
[ ] Slept with a co-worker
[ ] Been married
[ ] Gotten divorced
[x] Had children {{{i ate them XD}}}
[x] Saw someone dying
[ ] Been to Africa
[x] Driven over 400 miles in one day
[ ] Been to Canada
[ ] Been to Mexico
[x] Been on a plane
[X] Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show (movie :-/)
[ ] Thrown up in a bar
[X] Eaten Sushi
[ ] Been Skiing
[X] Met someone in person from the internet
[XXXxXXX] Been moshing at a rock show
[ ] Been to a moto cross show
[ ] Lost a child
[x] Gone to college (going to and ive visited?)
[x] Done hard drugs
[X] Taken painkillers
[X] Miss someone right now
Woo Me   
11:48pm 21/06/2005
mood: hopeful
yeah...so..i dont know whats come over me lately. at least with the people i do talk to. i tend to do this in summer. ignore everyone except for a few people. so far its been jessica, whoevers around jessica, jeanne when i can, elyssa, and suzi when possible. donnie needs to come back from korea. i miss her something terrible.

so..something is definatly happening. i dont really know how to explain it. it was just one day i was so confused and crappy. then BOOM everything falls into place and its clear. and ive been going along with what i needed to for a few days now. and found out some pretty..interesting things with people.

sika is me home dawg G.

I GOT A NEW KITTEN!!!! name is gideon. so cute. got it from my aunts house then immediatly went to sika's with it. so friggen awesome ^^ AND ITS MINNNNE!!!!! w00t!! now its partially rose's>.> but shhhh i still believe its MIIIIINNNNNNNE!!!!!! VV i wanted to get sika one but her family is chinese. (explains itself if you know them). soooo ive decided. i think. but shish. im doing computer game graphic art. college im going for the best degree i can get in that general area. and then i become EAST ASIAN STUDIES MINOR! because lately ive found myself immersed in chinese and japanese folklore and traditions and food and legends and government workings and educational problems and their true culture based on people that have gone there and lived there for long perdiods of time and editorials and and and and and I WANNA DO IT!

id be really happy right now if it werent for one thing. im a total ass. im starting to care too much about soemthing and if i lose it its going to be hell emotionally for me. i put up and pushed on it a HUGE decision. and have yet to come upon the answer. if its let go, then i guess ill go on and try and forget anything more ever happened. if it hangs on then i guess ill have to try and involve it as much as i can. just no more pain from me. either way makes me more happy then just sitting here watching people hurt because of my actions and feelings and the problems of others.
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Bush.. Up yours   
12:05am 13/06/2005
mood: awake
I hate bush rawrCollapse )
01:54am 12/06/2005
mood: blank
::dances:: so..me = putting a friendship on the line= SHOULD be stressed as all hell
fun stuff yo! but its weird.. im not all that worried. i hope i be right. or all your base not are belong to us. and brandon be sad. no one to say me love u long time. because friend= gone ;_;
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12:37pm 08/06/2005
mood: annoyed
ag people are so friggen retarded. if someone wants to be left alone LEAVE THEM ALONE! dont try to "fix things" theres probobly nothing wrong. just respect peoples wishes. im not sad. im tired and more so of telling people that i dont feel like talking to them. get some fucking self esteem and understanding and dont make everything offensive. im just tired >.< leave me alone for the moment.
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12:16am 07/06/2005
mood: chipper
Went with Jeanne to go visit Tabitha today ^.^ PARKER IS CUTE! makes me happy. :-p GROW parker-hair GROW and only then shalt the mohawk of UBERNESS be bestwoed upon YOU!!!!! im retarded i know. i cant spell bestwoed. DAMNIT. b e s t o w e d!!! yey. im majikal. only 3 tries. wooo time for bed HEY LOOK OVER THERE AND DONT WATCH THIS CUTE LITTLE ANIMATED THING APPEAR! Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
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12:25pm 05/06/2005
mood: geeky
So tired... lol me= dumbass.
I "go to bed" at about 2 in the morning and read for 4 hours then go to sleep and wake up at 10-11 ish. every day xD im barely getting more sleep then school time. if you dont count classes >.>
lalalalalalala. im gunna make a poll. which one of these games should i buy-im kinda at a deadlock.

GUILD WARS~ friggen awesome game but after a while the whole playing for quests in a world without many others gets on my nerves.

ASHERON'S CALL 2 ~ hella awesome graphics and after being out so long they grabbed an expansion full of totally new stuffs. you can all play instuments and sing together IN GAME. different variations and everything just have people play different things. i dunno. ac2 makes me day.

ASHERONS CALL...EXPANSION WORLD? ~ dont know the name but asherons call was the first MMORPG i played that i liked and the longest i was ever into. with this new pack/world they made it so the top rnking players (in terms of lvl) had a new place to go and a semi new system based on that. i got pretty flippin high (lvl) when i was there... e.e ^.^ (leaning towards this)

EVERQUEST 2 ~ uncle and aunt (WHO ARE FUKIN AWESOME) play this and switched after they got me hooked into WoW because they said it was better. which is ALOT coming from my uncle (UBER big gamer dork has tested a few for companies himself and prettymuch kept the story moving along in a game called Shadowbane)

::sigh:: i wanna start playing a new one kuz even tho WoW is awesome and everything..its..just plainnot as well done as the otehrs. everything is hack and slash. including the missions or quests. AC and AC2 you can go do whatever quests or whatever u want. you have to be a certain lvl to go into some of the dungeons sure, but if u can survive, more power to ya doing a quest 15-40 lvls higher than u.the pvp system roxxors my soxxors as well as the pvp lite system. im pretty sure i go AC but tell me what u think
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DO IT   
01:39am 04/06/2005
mood: bored
1) What's our relationship:

2) How and where did we meet:

3) What do you hate about me:

4) How long have you known me:

5) Tell me one good thing about myself:

6) When you first saw me what was your impression:

7) My age:

8) My birthday:

9) My favorite band at the moment:

10) Color eyes:

11) Do i have any siblings:

12) Have you ever had a crush on me:

13) What's one of my favorite things to do:

14) Do you remember one of the 1st things I said to you:

15) Describe me in 3 words:

16) Name 2 things I love:

17) Do you think I'm good looking:

18) How would you describe me to someone:

19) Would you ever date me:

20) Tell me one thing you've always wanted to say but never did:

21) What do you like most about me:

22) If we could spend a day together what would we do:

23) Have we ever gotten in a fight:

24) Do you think we will be friends for at least 3 or 4 more years:

25) Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

26) What do you think my weakness is?

27) Do you think I'll get married?

28) What makes me happy?

29) What makes me sad?

30) What reminds you of me?

31) If you could give me anything what would it be?

32) When's the last time you saw me?

33) Do you think our friendship is getting stronger/weaker/or staying the same?

34) Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?

35) Are you going to put this on your xanga and see what I say about you?

36) If I was an ice cream flavor, which would I be and why? 37) What song (if any) reminds you of me?

38) If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?

39) Do we 'hang' out?

40) Do I cross your mind at least once a day?

41) would you ever take advantage of me?

42) If i did drugs what would you do?

43) Favorite Food & Band:

44) When you look at me what do you see?
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Ive got no striiiings   
06:48am 20/05/2005
  boredom at 6:30 in the morning.

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Green Day concert   
12:18am 11/05/2005
mood: meant to select exhausted
was pretty kewl. MCR played well and so did greenday. so fucking tired. i ot used as a body pilow n the way back ^.^ was comfortable :-) haha well im going to die now so i should probobly sleep.
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10:27pm 03/05/2005
mood: amused
Favorite Movie
Your brain is...delicious
Will kill you..._skatastrophe
Wants to have passionate dance-offs with you...eleece
You look like...
Today you will...throw up on your mom
Number of banans you will throw up...57,355,592,758
Chance of exploding when the sun's beams hit you..: 98%
I hate...nothing
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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10:20pm 03/05/2005
mood: awake
If You Ruled the World: by oomarilynmonroe
national religion
Type of Government
How you take over
You would name it
You would overthrowlosermonkey783
Your second in command would beeleece
Your sex slave ismistresskeiko
Commander of the military:adwelaweth
Put to death for insubordinationwhats_hisname
Figure head in the puppet government_skatastrophe
You are overthrown bydoomsniper
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10:13pm 03/05/2005
mood: amused
Flarbablarb by Glowsinthedark9
Cow or frog?
The grass is purple in your shoes because of..._skatastrophe
Number of monicles you will see in a day26
You will Die from a zombie monkey attack onApril 18, 1905
Foofoo vanchokaloo!: 41%
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10:11pm 30/04/2005
mood: bored
meob~*boredom*~boemCollapse )
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03:05pm 28/04/2005
mood: drained
wooo tired. think im going to go to sleep early. so distracted today. call if ya feel like talking- 824-6980
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08:29pm 27/04/2005
You scored as Abs/Stomach. You are attracted to: the abs/stomach. You are a abs/stomach guy/gurl.












What Body Part Are You Attracted To?(pics)
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06:30pm 27/04/2005
You scored as Lip Piercing. You little punkass kid, get off my freaking lawn! And stop making the rent-a-cops chase after you in the mall! And stop smoking pot during lunch! Youth these days...


Lip Piercing


Dirty Piercings


Labret Piercing




Cartilage Piercing


Tongue Piercing


Nose Piercing


Belly Button Piercing


Earlobe Piercing


What Piercing Are You?
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06:02pm 27/04/2005
You scored as Punk. Your different. You dont care wat people thik and you are your own person. U like to skank and jump around to loud fun music. You listen to cool bands like green day flogging molly or even Bad religion.


















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03:28pm 27/04/2005
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